More magical ICT wizardry here to help you to embed skills across the curriculum. Thanks to Martin, his hard work and of course his willingness to share!
Create a word cloud like the one on this blog using wordle. It's another free web tool! Use it in class to inspire writing, generate ideas or as a revision aid.
Do you love primarywall or wallwisher? Then try linoit! It's another fab free sticky note resource online. Take a look at how they have been used in a primary English lesson here and here. Many thanks to Tim Handley for sharing!
Take a look at this film clip by Ian Addison - he shares his teachermeet presentation 'seven ideas in seven minutes'.

Sumopaint, Simon Haughton's infant encyclopedia and 3x3 links (a new one for me!) are amongst the seven ideas. Thank you Ian for sharing!
Many of us have created our own avatars, so why not use them in class? The 4/3 children at our school have really enjoyed creating their wild selves and playing with the lego. For more avatar fun, check out Bev Evan's fab post 'Here's looking at you kid'. If you are not familiar with Bev's work, please take the time to explore her website communicate 4 all. It is jam-packed with oodles of fab resources to save you time and effort in the classroom. Huge thanks to Bev for sharing all her hard work!   
Do you teach year 5 or 6? Fancy a writing challenge? How about writing a script for Dr Who? Read all about it here!