The ICT curriculum hasn't changed in years, which seems ridiculous in a world where technology is constantly evolving. Many teachers have started to update the curriculum according to where their school is. Some schools I work with still rely on QCA schemes, others have fully embedded skills in their curriculum.
The ICT curriculum at Roydon is changing so rapidly (Ipads now!!) that I can barely keep up with the paperwork. It is great therefore that there are people out there who are willing to share their hard work. As with my plans, they may not be specific to your needs, but will give you ideas to draw on and resources to adapt to your school. So, check out @OhLottie's blog, which includes useful skills curriculum overviews, @simonhaugton's wonderful
progression grids and @ianaddison's detailed planning site. Some fantastic stuff on their blogs to save us all a lot of hard work.
Take a look at Mark Anderson's fab blog post about using ipads in education. There will be more stuff coming on this very subject, very soon. Thanks to Mark for sharing - you can follow him on twitter @ICTEvangelist
More magical ICT wizardry here to help you to embed skills across the curriculum. Thanks to Martin, his hard work and of course his willingness to share!