In recognition of @ICTevangelist's hard work I would like to nominate him for the best ed tech/ resource sharing blog here: 
Nominate him too! He deserves it!
How many of us have been inspired by ICTmagic's tweets and blog posts? Lots and lots and many more is the answer! I have nominated him for a blog award for the best educational wiki. Check out his wiki here.  Vote for him! He sooo deserves it for his inspiration and his hard work.
Love this free stop motion creator so simple to use!
Take a good look at this great post from @dughall for some ICT inspiration. My favourite was coveritlive, which is really simple to use and fab for whole class participation. It could be used as an effective alternative to linoit and google docs. Thanks @dughall and all the Bolton teachmeet participants for your hard work!
Glitterfy your words and pictures here.
This Scholastic site will give you story ideas and different formats to write the stories.
Create a crazy story in minutes here! It's great fun and will reinforce children's understanding of verbs, nouns, adjectives and sentenc 
Help your children learn through zondle games. The voices kept me amused! (Play one here to find out what I mean!)
Create a pearl tree to store all your new links that you have learned from twitter! It is the best way I have found so far of organising your favourite links. Check mine out here to see what I mean.
Try to create easy mindmaps!